Monitoring Doesn't Hurt

But when it is over........they can be painful!

Removing Electrode Pads of Any Kind Can Hurt and Tear Your Skin

The electrode attaching pad is necessary to transfer needed data back to a monitoring device. It is very important that the pad be firmly attached to your skin. To that end, the manufacturers of these pads have enlisted a very strong adhesive to prevent the pad from loosening and coming off. But when it needs to come off, this adhesive can prove to make removal a challenge.

Sure you can “Suck it up” and endure the pain by ripping it off, but this can be detrimental to your skin. Especially if you are a child with soft new skin or a senior with older frail skin. Not to add more pain if you have hair under the pad.

Now Removal Can Be This Easy

Introducing our Pain Free Electrode Pad Removal Kit

Working with a number of ingredients, we have come to formulate an all natural, proprietary solution that when applied properly, safely breaks down the adhesive bond between a monitor pad and your skin. This simple formula contains no petroleum based compounds or other ingredients that might damage your skin. The fact of the matter is that our formulation is very good for your skin. It contains vitamins E and K plus high amounts of antioxidants that will help in your skin recovery.


This kit has been designed to remove the electrode pads that have been used to monitor your bodies information. The removal solution is 100% all natural and safe for all skin types. Just follow the easy instructions enclosed.

Buy for as little as: $1.80 each

1 to 11

Per Package of 12

Per Carton of 144

$1.95 ea.

$1.90 ea.

$1.80 ea.

If your health provider is not offering you this answer to safely remove monitor pads on you and your loved ones, take one to them and show how effective this option can be.

Today’s medical treatments are offering many forms of diagnostic apparatus that also utilize some form of stick on monitoring. The wearable industry is ever expanding with new remote devices that will test and also administer medications. Consider using our remover kit to ease the discomfort of removing or replacing your device.





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